Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rockhill, Cherry Hill

Big John's is out. Rockhill is in.

For decades, Big John's sat at 1800 Rt. 70 East in Cherry Hill, dishing out greasy cheesesteaks and lots of pickles. But they up and left for new pastures in West Berlin. Taking their place? A new restaurant called Rockhill.

Rockhill also serves up cheesesteaks and other pick-up foods such as hamburgers, pizza, hoagies, and the like. Whereas Big John's was rather dated and plain inside, Rockhill brought some life to the landscape, featuring big windows looking out onto bustling Route 70, modern decor, and an open dining area, rather than broken up sections like their predecessor.

During a recent weekday visit, there was a pretty decent sized lunch crowd with people of all ages chowing down on the "authentic Philly style" menu items, as their branding declares. There wasn't a wait to be seated, but a steady flow of diners flowed in and out, and the takeout business seemed pretty active as well. The food was fresh and tasty, though some comments were that the homemade chips were a little heavy on the oil and salt and the burger could have used a bigger bun... neither were deal breakers though for an otherwise enjoyable meal.

The restaurant is nestled between the "Beowulf" building and, appropriately enough, Rockhill Road, which serves as a jughandle to cross over Route 70 to get to Marlkress Road or head east on 70. It's a convenient location for getting onto Route 295 just a block or so away and shooting into Philly. With the constant stream of traffic that goes by, it will get plenty of street visibility, even compared to nearby PJ Whelihan's, which is set back from the highway on Greentree Rd. Hopefully Rockhill will fare as well as Big John's did for so many years in that spot and stick around for a while. They are open for lunch and dinner everyday and serve to what may be considered as an upscale fast food type of crowd. Menu items are fully priced-- not what I would call a bargain or a-- pardon the pun-- highway robbery.

To learn more about this dining establishment, check out Rockhill's website or call 856-424-4455.

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