Friday, October 10, 2014

Hong Kong Fusion, Cherry Hill

Chinese restaurants and strip malls seem to go hand in hand around South Jersey, and, like anything, the quality of each restaurant can vary from place to place.

Open for about two years (by my estimation) in the The Orchards, a shopping center at 1998 Route 70 East (heading westbound), Hong Kong Fusion comes out on what I would consider the higher end of Chinese food in the area. But, as usual I try to keep my personal opinion to a minimum when it comes to talking about the food quality, since everybody has different tastes... and I do not claim to be a food expert by any stretch of the imagination!

On a recent lunchtime visit, my friend and I were greeted and seated quickly, although admittedly the place never was very busy while we were there. The dining area is very clean, comfortable, and nicely appointed and the front two rooms are not very big so there is an intimate feel to it. From my understanding there is a bigger room in the back, though my guess is that this would only be for parties or busier times of the day.

My friend and I both enjoyed our meals-- I particularly happened to like the fried noodles as they didn't taste like your typical out-of-a-bag noodles that you get from most restaurants, and they even had a nice orange flavor to them.

Our soups, which came with the lunch specials we ordered, came out piping hot, and our meals were both served promptly, always a good thing when time is limited during the lunch hour. I might have preferred a few more options on the lunch menu, but be that as it may, there were a good number of choices, and everything we ate was tasty, and without breaking the bank.

Apparently on some (or maybe all?) Saturdays, the restaurant hosts jazz musicians, which is nice to know about for something a little different for a weekend night out.

For what it's worth, Hong Kong Fusion has gotten a lot of positive write-ups on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google, so that's a good sign.

Hong Kong Fusion's website is a little lacking, as of this publishing, but it does list menus on there. To call for reservations or takeout, dial 856-751-3888.

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