Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bruno's Restaurant & Pizzeria, Haddonfield

Haddonfield offers many great restaurants in its Downtown vicinity (in the Kings Highway/Potter Street area), but where to go if you are not in that particular area?

A recent trip to Bruno's Restaurant & Pizzeria, at 509 Hopkins Road (NOT Hopkins Lane, by the way!), proved that you can find a good restaurant away from all of the hub bub Haddonfield's shopping district.

Bruno's sits in a mostly residential area in a small strip center, where Hopkins Rd. meets Lafayette Rd. It's a BYO Italian dining establishment, and, conveniently (and probably not coincidentally) is next to Shirley's Liquor Store, so you can grab a bottle of wine before dinner if you are so inclined.

Inside, Bruno's is divided into two areas, with the section on the right as you walk in arranged more like a traditional restaurant and the section to the left is designed more like a pizzeria. A colorful fish tank happens to be one of the dividing segments between the two, so be sure to check to that out if you are a fish lover or have kids who like to watch the fish.

A recent lunch proved an enjoyable experience. The server was friendly and timely in accommodating us. Tasty bread was served to start the meal, it was hot and fresh out of the oven. Our main courses were both rather large portions-- a wrap and a chicken parmigiana dish-- both ample enough for leftovers. We were pleased with our dishes, and the chicken parm came with either soup, salad, or side pasta. My only request would have been to include pasta with the dish as is traditional, but I managed! Supposedly the pizza is one of their most popular dishes, but we didn't get to try it this time around.

The prices for each dish seemed reasonable for the portion size. Probably not overpriced or underpriced. I'd say the only quirk of the restaurant was that the sound traveled a little too well, so you could hear conversations at other tables, and would probably get pretty noisy during busy hours, but probably not overbearingly so. The crowd was sparse on this particular day with only a handful of other tables in use at the time. The overall ambiance was pleasant and comfortable, but not necessarily memorable.

All in all, it was a good outing for us and I would imagine it does well for dinner and on weekends.

As of this publishing, Bruno's does not appear to have its own website, but you can contact them at 856-428-9505.

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