Sunday, March 4, 2012

Norma's Restaurant, Cherry Hill

South Jersey, believe it or not, has an element of being a melting pot of cultures.  A great example of this can be found in the diverse Barclay Farms Shopping Center.  To wit, the following restaurants all sit in this center, found on Route 70, just a couple of blocks from Route 295:
  • Joe Palombo's Mirabella Cafe... Italian food
  • Cherry Grill... Kosher food
  • Asian Food Market
  • And, what brings us here today, Norma's Restaurant
Norma's Restaurant specializes in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, serving up dishes such as felafel, shawarma, gyros, kabobs, and so on.  A recent visit reminded me how much I like some of these types of dishes, after having not indulged in them for a while.  The gyro and baklava that I ate were nicely prepared and I enjoyed them very much.  (I assumed, for whatever reason, that the gyro would come with a side dish, but it did not... I would have thought that our server would have suggested a side order, but so it goes, I enjoyed my meal nonetheless.)  I happened to bump into some acquaintances in there and they seem like they may be regulars, so that's always a good sign as well.

The atmosphere at Norma's is cozy and easygoing.  A large expanse of windows allows a lot of natural light in and an open view on the active shopping center outside.  I could see it getting loud in there since it's all wood floors, tables, and chairs, but at the time I ate there were only a few other tables that were full, so it wasn't terribly noisy (though the sound travels in there so take note if you're planning on talking about discrete topics!).

Overall, Norma's is somewhat of a hidden gem and makes for a homey location to dine for lunch or dinner. To learn more about them, visit Norma's Restaurant's website or call 856-795-1373. 

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