Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The British Chip Shop, Haddonfield

Sometimes a craving can be hard to quench.

It had been more than seven long years since I had a good ole fashioned dish of British fish and chips-- battered fish, hunks of French fries, all doused in malt vinegar-- and that was the last time I was in England.

To get a taste of one of my favorite dishes for the first time in a way long time, I ventured with some friends to The British Chip Shop in Haddonfield, and I (none of us, actually) went home disappointed. The fish and chips were indeed a harkening to life across the Pond, and the Shop itself was a cozy rendition of a British pub, albeit without having a bar with bitter beer and lagers on tap.  But such is life in dry Haddonfield...

The menu is full of classic British culinary fare, from the potato leek soup to the bangers and mash to the puddings (desserts).  They even have some vintage British (non-alcoholic) beverages such as Iron Bru and Lilt.  Indeed, there was even a big screen telly-- ahem!-- television, showing football, err, soccer, during our lunchtime meal. Lunchtime diners steadily streamed in, and all of the dishes that were served (we sat near the kitchen) looked tasty.  As far as authentic British food goes, it's probably the best version you can find locally; all in all a jolly good show.  Brilliant!

The British Chip Shop is located at 146 Kings Highway East in Haddonfield.  To learn more about them or to view a full menu, visit The British Chip Shop's website or call 856-354-0204. 


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