Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jake's Place Playground, Cherry Hill

Sometimes we need to sit back and think about how things must be for others in order to make this world a better place.

A perfect example:  playgrounds.  In general, public playgrounds are designed for a certain type of kid-- mainly those who can run around on their two legs.  But plenty of children have disabilities that prevent them from being able to access all or parts of typical playgrounds and are thus left on the fringes of the space because they cannot take part.

Enter the concept of a "Boundless Playground."  These types of playgrounds allow access to children with handicaps, enabling them to enjoy the same activities as other kids.  For example, by providing a ramp, wider walkways, and no obstacles, individuals who are on wheelchairs or who need other forms of assistance can easily access the entire playground, just like everybody else.

Jake's Place Playground was built in the Fall of 2011 in Challenge Grove Park in Cherry Hill.  It is the first and only Boundless Playground in Cherry Hill, Camden County, or all of South Jersey for that matter. The playground features literally dozens of areas where kids can have fun (and get exercise), ranging from slides to swings to monkey bars and lots more.  It is a great place to spend a nice day with kids of all abilities who can safely scramble from activity to activity and undoubtedly spend hours gallivanting with friends, and perhaps meet new friends as well.

Adjacent to the Jake's Place Playground is a baseball field, basketball courts, walking track, and various other activities.  Bathrooms are conveniently located next to the playground as well.

Note that due to the popularity of this playground, it can get very busy at times, so be prepared to be surrounded by lots of other kids and families!  Parking is ample however.  There are also numerous benches to sit at and enjoy the surroundings.  Perhaps the only small downside to this park that this writer can think of is that there is not a lot of shade around the playground so be prepared with sunscreen as needed. No biggie.

The park sits off of Brace Road at Bortons Mill Road in Cherry Hill and is open from sunup to sundown. 

To learn more about the park, visit the Build Jake's Place website and you can even make a donation to benefit the organization that launched this great site for children.

Happy gallivanting! 

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