Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joe's Peking Duck House, Marlton

A mainstay of Marlton Crossing, Joe's Peking Duck House is a Chinese restaurant that has sat quietly in a nook of the expansive shopping center for many years now-- perhaps 15-20 or more.  Apparently they've been doing something right!

A recent lunch visit proved that Joe's is alive and well.  A steady lunchtime crowd flowed in on an otherwise dreary day to sit down for lunch, and others stopped in to pick up take-out food as well.  They offer a lunch menu with many options under $10, and your money certainly goes a long way at that.  The service was pleasant and quick, leaving plenty of time for chatting with your friends and gazing at the jumbo fish that float in the aquarium at the front of the restaurant.  Hot tea is also brought out right when you sit down which is a welcoming touch.  Peking duck, as their name implies, is their specialty. 

The food was enjoyable, with hot and tasty wanton soup being the big hit (for me personally, at least).  I had the sweet and sour chicken with rice on the side which was served quickly and was pretty good though nothing groundbreaking (but then again sweet and sour chicken is also not a very innovative dish, just something I like to get on occasion).  My friend had a huge bowl of soup with pork and noodles in it and he enjoyed it very much, devouring almost the whole thing. 

The atmosphere is cozy at Joe's Peking Duck House.  It's not a very large place and the noise level can build pretty quickly, so it may not be the best place if you're looking for something more intimate.  But on the flip side, it's refreshing to go some place that has some energy in it and isn't like a library.  Parking is plentiful (and free) and the Center is convenient to get to, sitting just off of the old Route 70 and Route 73 intersection on the Southwest corner, right next to where the carcass of Olga's Diner lingers.  (Note:  coming from Route 73 heading North, you will need to bare right at the gas station at Maple Ave, and then take the first left to get across to Marlton Crossing.)

At the time of publication, for some reason, finding Joe's Peking Duck House's website was a little bit tricky for me, but the link should take you there.  You can reach them at 856-985-1551. 

Happy dining!

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