Friday, October 28, 2011

Tony Luke's, Sicklerville

The world famous Philly cheesesteak has invaded South Jersey! Perhaps you've dabbled in the tasting of a South Philly cheesesteak, but chances are you haven't had an "authentic" one in South Jersey. Sure, there are plenty of pizza shops that serve cheesesteaks, but I think most die-hard cheesesteak fans will admit that these types of places are not the real deal.

Tony Luke's, one of the famous cheesesteak purveyors (alongside Pat's, Geno's, and Jim's), based out of South Philly on Oregon Ave, has brought its brand to the heart of South Jersey in Sicklerville, Gloucester County, just minutes from the Atlantic City Expressway. Walking in the door, the waft of sizzling steaks hits your nose, and after placing your order, just a brief time awaits before you are digging in.

True to form, the Sicklerville store serves other menu items such as hot roast pork sandwiches, cheese fries, and more. My fellow dining companions and I all enjoyed our meals, and the prices are comparable to what average pizza shops charge for lesser quality options.

Even though the shop has only been open since August, it already appears to have a loyal following as there was a strong crowd on hand on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday night. There are about a dozen or so tables to sit at, or, like many folks, you can pick up your order and take it out.

All in all, if you're a cheesesteak fan and you're in South Jersey, you don't need to cross the bridge to get the "real deal" anymore.

As of this posting, the Tony Luke's site does not seem to be working, but it could just be a temporary glitch, and perhaps it will work for you. At any rate, the location is at 663 Cross Keys Road in Sicklerville (the Crossings at Twin Oaks shopping center), and their phone number is 856-875-8700.

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