Friday, September 16, 2011

Vincentown Diner, Vincentown

A local landmark, the Vincentown Diner is the prime gathering place for anybody in the proximity of Route 38 and Route 206, where it sits across from the Super Wawa that is under construction at this time of writing.

With a steady flow of traffic during weekday lunchtime, the Vincentown Diner serves up a variety of meal choices, as is an informal prerequisite of any New Jersey diner. What perhaps separates this diner from most others is that they pride themselves on serving, as their website puts it, "premium products, the freshest ingredients and generous portions". This includes "Organic Eggs, all local, grass-fed beef or Certified Angus Beef, premium cheeses, and cooking oils that contain no trans fats." The site goes on to say that they serve locally grown produce and wine.

Indeed, you will get a bountiful and satisfying meal, friendly service, and a comfortable atmosphere when dining at the Vincentown Diner, which happens to be the main dining establishment in the immediate vicinity. This is a rather rural area and the next closest eatery is probably at least a mile away or more in any direction on 206 or 38.

To learn more, visit the Vincentown Diner website, or call 609-267-3033.

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