Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tutti Toscani by Lamberti, Cherry Hill

It had been a while since I ventured to Tutti Toscani... in fact the last time I was there it was still called Lamberti's! I didn't avoid this Italian restaurant on purpose, it just wasn't a destination for whatever reason.

But anyway, boy, has that shopping center changed over the years as well. Located on Brace Road in Cherry Hill, there are many empty or quiet stores in the center, including a big vacancy where Shop Rite sits. But no matter, Tutti Toscani is a hidden gem in this otherwise transitioning center.

The interior of Tutti Toscani has been designed to resemble a Tuscan ambiance, with paintings of Italian countryside, an outdoor seating cafe, dark woods and bricks, and more. It's a cozy setting to "escape" from Cherry Hill for an evening.

Overall, the chicken parm and the pasta primavera dishes that my wife and I ordered were both very good. The prices are fair and you certainly won't go home hungry (especially if you're like me and chowing down on fresh bread as well). As a BYOB restaurant, many diners brought their own bottles of wine, so keep that in mind if you're a oenophile.

If I had two minor complaints, I'd say that the pasta was a bit too garlicky for my liking, and the glasses they gave us were the smallish plastic kind that you would get at a pizza joint, which wasn't consistent with the rest of the setting, not to mention that we kept having to get refills. But otherwise, the food, service, and atmosphere were all of high quality.

On a Saturday evening, the tables filled up and there appeared to be a wait by the time we left. It doesn't seem to say on their website if they accept reservations or not but it might be worth a shot to call ahead if you think you will be going during a busy time. Plenty of (free) parking is available, so no worries there.

Check out the Tutti Toscani by Lamberti website for more information, photos, menus, contact info and more.

Happy dining!

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