Monday, August 29, 2011

Roly Poly, Mt. Laurel

Looking for a tasty wrap sandwich?

Roly Poly is a franchise restaurant that has various locations across the East Coast and Midwest. They serve wraps made to order, hot or cold, as well as other complimentary items. While waiting in line to order, you will be confronted by a plethora of wrap options, or you can design your own sandwich.

Roly Poly offers a wide variety of ingredients to choose from, and they have always been fresh when I've ordered a wrap. The servers are friendly and you can do take out or eat in. And most of all, they are quick and efficient. All in all, Roly Poly offers an equal or better option, health-wise, compared to a typical fast food joint.

As of this writing, there is only one Roly Poly location in all of New Jersey, or the Delaware Valley for that matter, at 4070 Dearborn Circle in Mt. Laurel. The store is tucked in the corner of the shopping center, behind where Borders sits (or, depending on when you read this, where they once sat, as they are going out of business). Parking is ample and it's easily accessible at the intersection of Briggs Road and Route 38. Just note that going Eastbound on Route 38 from Route 295, you will need to stay to the right and take the jughandle to get to the center on the other side of 38. Once you get on Briggs road, the Center will then be on your left.

For directions, or other questions, visit Roly Poly's website or call 856-231-0615.

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