Friday, September 18, 2009

Joe Palombo's Mirabella Cafe, Cherry Hill

The Barclay Shopping Center in Cherry Hill on Route 70 is host to a variety of retail operations, from a hardware store to a title agency, to, of course, restaurants. Joe Palombo's Mirabella Cafe sits on the east end of the center and is probably the most bustling of all the stores there.

Entering Mirabella Cafe, patrons will immediately feel the rustic atmosphere with modern touches in an overall very comfortable restaurant. At a recent outing with a large group of 12, we had a long table in an out of the way section and enjoyed our time very much, save for an annoying lull in service before the main course was brought out.

Our group ordered everything from fish, to chicken, to steak, to pasta for dinner, and everybody raved about their meals. The food is all fresh and there are many unique dishes compared to other local Italian restaurants. Great bread and olive oil mix as well. In addition, the restaurant has taken a very progressive approach to serving locally grown food and undertaking sustainable initiatives, which is obviously a very trendy thing to do, but all for good reasons.

Be sure to treat yourself to a night out at Mirabella Cafe, bring a bottle of wine, and enjoy some good food. On a nice night you can even sit outside and on certain nights they also offer live music. Indeed, Mirabella Cafe is one of the area's finer restaurants with an affordable and diverse array of dishes that most folks should enjoy.

To make reservations, check out their menu or learn more, visit Mirabella Cafe or call 856-354-1888.

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wow fresh Italian food with byob, got to check it out