Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sprinkles Yogurt, Cherry Hill

Looking for a neat new place to enjoy a cup of yogurt with the family? Check out Sprinkles Yogurt in the Market Place at Garden State Park on Haddonfield Rd. in Cherry Hill.

This unique little store offers over a dozen flavors of yogurt that you can pick and choose for yourself, and then a bar full of toppings where you add on tasty toppings to your liking. Once you're done creating your confectionery concoction, you simply pay by the pound for what you served up. This allows for lots of creative combinations and also allows you to get a portion that is the right size for you. (A note of caution: it's easy to go crazy and just fill up a big bowl with everything that looks enticing, so you might want to think twice before going overboard! Plus if you try and eat it too fast-- watch out for a freezy headache!)

The main downside to this place is that the store itself is a little on the cramped side, so you often have to squeeze through people or wait in line to get your turn if you go when it's busy. But there are a good number of tables and chairs (some set up outside on the walkway as well), to enjoy your dessert. Kids will most certainly enjoy the chance to make their own yogurt, and adults can have just as much fun too. This location is one of four in the Delaware Valley, with the other three located in Pennsylvania (actually according to their website, they're not even open yet, so this is currently the only Sprinkles Yogurt that is up and running). All around great spot for a lazy summer evening, plus you can walk it off by strolling around the humongous shopping complex that surrounds it. Enjoy!

For a spoonful of more info, check out Sprinkles Yogurt's website or call 856-356-2719.

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