Friday, August 14, 2009

Masso's Deli & Pizzeria, Gibbsboro

An institution on the humming highway of Haddonfield-Berlin Rd (Rte 561), Masso's Deli & Pizzeria is a mom and pop deli in all its glory. It can be found right near the Voorhees-Gibbsboro border, near the intersection of Rte. 561 and Lakeview Drive.

On one side of the store you have the deli, which sells everything from fruits and veggies to pizza dough balls to lottery tickets to deli meats. On the other side of the store is a pizzeria, which dishes out pizza, sandwiches, and even breakfast. This side of the building offers a small seating area and has a bustling takeout and delivery business. In both sides of the establishment you'll meet friendly, customer-oriented servers and shopkeepers, which is always a plus.

Sitting catty-corner to the pizzeria building is a water ice and custard stand, which is a popular stop on weekend evenings in the warmer months, from April to October. Kids flock here after baseball games, and families can enjoy sitting outside on the deck enjoying their cold treats before they melt.

To order your next dinner, get directions, or talk turkey slices, call 856-783-1800 or check out Masso's website for more information.

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