Saturday, June 13, 2009

Country Club Diner, Voorhees

Talk about a throwback. The Country Club Diner at 705 Haddonfield Berlin Rd (Route 561) in Voorhees is a true old school dining establishment. Unfortunately, the times may have past this place by, though I must say that it still has its loyal followers.

Enter the Country Club Diner and you'll see familiar diner decor... the mirrored paneling, splashes of faded pink hues, rows of booths, a counter with stools... the whole shebang. The menu is chock full of choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts like most diners. My suggestion is to go with the standby breakfast choices since anything more elaborate than that and you're putting your money at risk.

An interesting note: when you get the check, you'll notice that the diner's address at the top of the page is printed as "Glendale, NJ". I'm not sure if that's like Marlton being synonomous with Evesham, or if it's a nod to the name of the local neighborhood, or what, but I just thought that was kind of interesting. As far as I know, "Glendale" does not exist as a mailing address, though I suppose if you were to mail a letter to the diner using the Glendale address it would probably get there.

At any rate, the Country Club Diner is a good place to go for breakfast or a casual cup of coffee with friends, and the prices are modest for the amount of food you get. The servers are generally cheery and the clientele is generally older. I guess you could say that Country Club's specialty is whipping up comfort food for folks looking to get a break from the fast lane in the area.

Serve up your questions about this diner to (856) 428-7462.

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