Saturday, June 20, 2009

AAA World Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Publication

Pardon me as I take a slight detour in writing about South Jersey places, as I indulge in alerting you about a publication that covers New Jersey.

As a member of AAA, I receive the organization's travel publication every other month. I used to open it and flip through and occasionally find some interesting articles, but the magazine has gotten pretty ridiculous. In a nutshell, there are WAY too many ads.

The latest issue is about 75 pages long. Here is the breakdown of pages inside:

-There is a half page self-promotion editorial piece on page 7

-Page 8 has a moderately interesting article entitled "Repair or Replace" about when to buy a new car or fix up your old car, plus a blurb touting the "AAA online community."

-Page 10 and 12 contain an article about the history of AAA and what the organization has done to lobby with the government. I pretty much quickly skimmed through that one.

-Page 20 has a half page talking about how AAA can help with foreign currency needs when traveling abroad in one article and also two paragraphs about how AAA offers an online tool for college financial planning.

-Page 21 has a 3/4 page article on suggestions about keeping teens safe on their prom night

-Page 22 is a full page article on "The Protector", an insurance program offered through (who else?) AAA.

-Page 24 brags about AAA's sponsorship of a NASCAR event and how AAA members can get discounts to attend races.

-Finally, on page 30, I get to an article about a local daytrip to Maryland's Adventure Sports Center International that might be interesting. On the subsequent 12 pages there are four more full page articles about travel destinations.

-Pages 48-52 has winners of a photo contest. Nice photos, but I kind of wonder about the connection it has with the rest of the magazine.

-Pages 53-62 features articles on various National Parks, spliced with ads. Not bad.

-From page 63 on, it's all ads.

-Oh and the magazine is wrapped in a four page ad on the outside of the cover.

In sum, in this entire 75+ pages, I'd say there's less than 10 pages total that are worth reading-- mainly the day trip ideas. The rest of the pages consist almost exclusively of self-promoting fluff and advertisements.

Sorry AAA, but quite frankly that kind of editorial ratio drives me crazy. Now I'm going to take a trip to my local recycling bin...

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