Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chili's, Mt. Laurel

A long time standby at 1310 Route 73 in Mt. Laurel (a few blocks North of Lincoln Ave.), Chili's is a good choice for a casual dinner with family or friends. Here are some observations about dining at Chili's...

Some pros of Chili's:

-Variety of menu choices, from barbecue to Tex-Mex to burgers, there's plenty to choose from, and kids will find the usual chicken fingers, etc. to chow down on.

-Though Chilli's can get busy, there never seems to be a long wait at this branch, like there is at Champps or other similar types of restaurants.

-Prices are competitive with other, similar chain restaurants like Applebee's and Friday's, so you won't have to offer to do dishes to help pay off the bill.

Some cons of Chili's:

-Bathrooms are kind of dingy and tight (well, at least the men's room is, can't speak for the ladies' room)

-Just a small thing... the menus are always greasy. A result of the types of foods they serve I suppose.

-Get ready for salt... the fries are pretty heavily salted as are many of the menu items. Might want to ask them to hold the salt if that's a concern of yours.

For more info about Chili's, visit chilis.com, or call the Mt. Laurel restaurant at 856-273-0020.

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