Friday, April 10, 2009

Produce Junction, Marlton

Sandwiched in a shopping center between North Cooper Ave, North Locust Ave, and Route 70 sits the enigmatic and eclectic Produce Junction. If you're used to shopping at your usual supermarket (aka ShopRite, Genuardi's, Acme, etc) throw your mental imagery of what it's like to shop for food out the window.

Walk into Produce Junction (note that the Marlton store is one of many in the area, though I can't vouch if they're all the same) and you'll be welcomed by a floor full of flowers and plants and you're likely to see a small swarm of people milling through them to find the ones they want. Behind this floor display, you'll see stations of produce where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables. Then behind that you'll see a long counter where you step up and order the majority of the rest of the available produce. You can also pay at this same counter, where I believe they only accept cash, and a receipt is unlikely.

Further, you'll notice that there are no shopping bags or carts to be found, but rather you pick up a box to carry out your purchases. This is an economical and ecologically sensible solution that I'm in favor of, but does make things a bit more chaotic, and not very helpful if you want to buy a lot of stuff and/or you're shopping by yourself.

Produce Junction can be a very harried store with lots of people going this way and that, unlike a typical supermarket which tends to have a more controlled flow because of the system of aisles. The real selling point, however, are the prices and freshness that you usually can't get at a supermarket. As an example, I recently bought two smallish pineapples, two bags of salad, six apples and a bag of grapes for $10. While it may not be drastically cheaper than a supermarket, you don't have to worry about sales or coupons or what not... the prices are what they are, and the quality is just as good.

So if you're jonesing for some flowers, plants, fruits or veggies, and you don't feel like doing a full supermarket trip, Produce Junction is the place for you.

Unfortunately, as of this writing I can find no actual website, email, phone number or physical address for Produce Junction in Marlton. But it's there! And people know about it, so I guess that's all that matters! Enjoy your visit!

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