Friday, April 10, 2009

Buy Buy Baby, Cherry Hill

The birth of a baby is a hectic, exciting, scary, fun time, all rolled into one (or so I'm about to find out!). I can, however, vouch for the fact that shopping for a newborn is quite the same experience, except that the screaming and crying is done by YOU when you look at how much money you're spending on baby stuff! With a summer baby on the way, my wife and I have started to make the rounds at local baby stores, in search of a crib, baby furniture, clothes, strollers, bibs, car seats, blankets, bedding, decorations, and... well, you get the idea. In other words, it's a lot!

Going to Buy Buy Baby at 1590 Kings Highway North in Cherry Hill (at the intersection of Kings Highway and Route 70, in the Ellisburg Shopping Center across from Ponzio's) proved to be a daunting, though ultimately manageable adventure.

The store is owned by the same company and has the same look as Bed Bath & Beyond, with pacifiers, diaper bags, clothes and everything else you can imagine (and some things you can't) lined up from floor to ceiling, overwhelming your shopping senses (and believe me, my shopping senses get overwhelmed quite easily!). The prices, in my humble opinion, aren't exactly cheap, but then again I'm finding out that all things "baby" come with a high price tag, so I suppose their prices are right in line with every other store's.

In the end, I found their salespeople to be friendly and helpful, and they indeed got us through the harrowing visit in one piece. I'd definitely recommend a visit to this store if you're looking for stuff for your rugrat, or if you're buying for somebody else's... or if you're considering having a baby and want to know what you'll be getting into! They've got a gigantic selection of virtually everything you can imagine to help you nurture a tiny little human. To that end, come with a list and an idea of what you want to buy, since there are so many options that you may go crazy trying to pick the best glider, or thermometer, or toy, or whatever else you're looking for, and of course they offer a baby registry for expecting parents. Their website also has all of these items online, just to overwhelm you electronically. :-)

For more information on Buy Buy Baby, you can ring 856-354-1562 or "crawl" on over to And make sure you get plenty of rest before shopping!

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