Saturday, March 21, 2009

Primo Hoagies, Marlton

At what cost, hoagie?

I'm a big hoagie fan, and if you're from the Philadelphia or South Jersey area, it's in your blood to be a hoagie fan. So I recently ventured to Primo's at 386 West Route 70 in Marlton (next to TD Bank) for a lunchtime treat. What I got was a delicious sandwich, but I sure did pay for it.

As a first time consumer of a Primo's hoagie, I was impressed with the crunchy, fresh sesame roll and the fully-packed sandwich. It was surely a hearty sandwich. I got a medium sized hoagie (8 inches I think) and it wound up being enough for 2 meals, as I also had chips for lunch. Good lunch indeed.

However, the price came out to over nine bucks just for the hoagie. Were I to go to Wawa or Subway, I could probably have gotten the same sandwich for roughly half that much. The Primo's sandwich itself-- a roast beef sandwich that comes with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion-- cost $7.49 plus a dollar for cheese. Wawa conveniently prices their hoagies so that you can get any toppings you want, without any extra charges. In the end, Primo's probably does have a better quality, but Wawa's hoagies provie incredible value. And in these days, that's crucial.

The store itself is rather cramped, and serves as an in and out quick stop for chow. Nothing glorious, but very functional, and at least the service was pretty quick.

Before I go, please don't let this writeup dissuade you from checking out one of Primo's dozens of locations (in fact, if you're a hoagie fan I certainly recommend you check them out), just know that it will cost you a few extra bucks compared to other establishments.

Visit to get more info or to see all of their Delaware Valley locations. To contact the Marlton store, call (856) 983-7117.

Happy hoagie-ing!

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