Thursday, January 1, 2009

Olga's Diner, Marlton

Well, the old landmark diner known as Olga's is going by the wayside. The large white building with a gigantic script sign saying "Olga's" that sits at the intersection of Route 70 and Route 73 is closed for good, according to this Courier Post Online article.

In recent times Olga's Diner had troubles on various fronts. Recently the State of New Jersey shut the restaurant down due to unpaid taxes. But that was cleared up and Olga's opened again for a short period, but mounting debt and lack of family support did the diner in. In addition, looming changes to the Marlton Circle in coming months jeopardized the future of the diner, since major construction will be underway to change the circle to an overpass. Effects on local Marlton businesses remains to be seen.

Ultimately this will be a loss to the South Jersey area since many travelers would stop for a meal at Olga's since it's opening in 1959 on the way to the Shore, or just to grab a cup of coffee and a danish on a casual weekend morning.

But such is the nature of business. Let's see what happens with the soon-to-be overhauled Marlton Circle and Olga's Diner...

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Anonymous said...

On trips from MD to visit family in South Jersey, my family and I would always joke about the poor boy that grew up thinking he lived in front of a restaurant called Renid Saglo. Sad to see it go, but nothing is permanent.