Wednesday, December 24, 2008

McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurant, Cherry Hill

Another recent addition to Cherry Hill's rapidly growing "restaurant row" is McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant in the Market Place at Garden State Park at 941 Haddonfield Rd. This is another solid addition to the already stellar lineup of (mostly chain) restaurants that have sprung up near Route 70 and Haddonfield Rd.

McCormick & Schmick's is a chain of 80+ locations that grew out of Portland, Oregon (according to the M & S website). There is a restaurant in Center City, Philadelphia, and they only seem to pop up in trendy, high net worth areas. And while it's not an overly fancy or exorbitantly priced restaurant, you can be sure you'll get a good meal there, whether you like fish or not.

The menu is chock full of fresh fish imported from around the world, and each fresh fish is listed on the daily-printed menu. (Note: call ahead and you can have a personalized menu printed for your reservation... nice touch for birthdays, dates, etc.) While most of the menu contains fish dishes, there are also a few pasta, chicken, or beef dishes for the non-fish eater. And the bar is fully stocked, with a page full of wines, and the full gamut of mixed drinks are available. Last but not least you'll be tempted by the dessert tray... if you have room left to eat it, that is.

Inside the restaurant you'll find a cozy atmosphere with lots of rich woods, snazzy glass and wood doors, and classy color schemes. I'd say the only major downside is that the parking situation is downright nasty. Whoever designed the parking lots in this whole shopping center really needs to go back to parking lot design school, because when it's busy, it's a complete mess. There's no real "flow" and you have to make lots of tight turns, while watching out for pedestrians, and so on and so forth. Plan accordingly.

Otherwise, McCormick & Schmick's offers great hospitality and you don't even need to go into Philly for the Center City-like feel to it.

To hold your spot, call 1-888-344-6861 (toll free).

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