Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vehicle Inspection Station, Cherry Hill

Getting your vehicle inspected isn't exactly something that you look forward to doing or an event that sits at the top of your list, but when you have to do it, you certainly hope it goes well. I gotta admit that my car inspection today really was not that bad.

I chose to go to a State of New Jersey vehicle inspection station at 617 Hampton Rd in Cherry Hill, near Wal-Mart on Route 38. I had no idea what to expect, but here's the extent of what goes on there:

1. Pull up and get a ticket from a machine.
2. Get in line (if there is one) behind cars in front of you and wait to be told which of the garages to pull up to.
3. When it's your turn, hand your automated ticket, auto license, registration, and insurance card to the car inspector.
4. Leave your car and wait in the waiting area for about 10 minutes.
5. When you're called that your car is ready, you're free to go.

My only suggestions:

-Bring a book or magazine if you get bored of hanging around. Once your car is taken it's pretty quick, but you might as well be a little productive while waiting!
-Beware that the waiting area is simply a "sidewalk" inside the open-air garage. There is a small section that is protected by glass and has a bench, but I don't think it has any heating or air conditioning in that area. Dress appropriately for the weather temperature.
-Get there when there's no lines. I went before 9am and there weren't that many cars there, but it may get busier later on (though that's just a guess... perhaps you can call the station to find out when they get busy).
-Some stations operate by appointment only, so be sure to check that in advance.

When you get right down to it, the NJ vehicle inspection stations make life a lot easier than going to a mechanic or other private entity since there's no charge (other than your regular registration payment which you have to mail in anyway), you don't have to drop your car off and come back later to get it, and it's really not that big of a deal to get it done. Plus you only have to do it every two years in New Jersey, so once it's done you have a while until you have to go back.

To find a vehicle inspection station for you in the State of New Jersey, go to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission's site. Happy driving!


GP said...

I went today 6/30/09 Tuesday at 7:30 am and there were like 20-30 cars in the line. The line extended all the way to Hampton Rd. It appeared as if it might take 2-3 hrs of waiting. so came back.

Mike said...

Sorry to hear that GP. But there's probably a very simple reason as to why it was mobbed... it's the end of the month and inspection stickers run out at the end of each month. Since people tend to wait till the end of the month, I would imagine there's a drastically longer wait to get inspected compared to going earlier in the month. Just my suggestion for next time around! Best of luck...