Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lin Glatt Kosher Chinese Restaurant, Cherry Hill

From what I've heard, Glatt Kosher food does not always have the best reputation in the culinary world. There are quite a few restrictions and as a result some food preparations come out differently than the non-kosher and non-glatt kosher food that most people are used to eating. (Visit Wikipedia for more info on what glatt kosher means.)

But Lin Glatt Kosher Chinese Restaurant in the Garden State Pavillions (near ShopRite at 2240 Marlton Pike West, aka Route 70) is trying to change all that. Occupying a large space near the new Towne Place at Garden State Park, Lin's provides a unique option for Jewish locals to indulge in glatt kosher cooking. They have an extensive menu of traditional Chinese dishes, and even kosher sushi. Fortunately, people who do not keep kosher will also feel comfortable eating here and the food is comparable to Chinese food at many other restaurants, though there will be some notable differences. As a very minor example, I found the sweet and sour sauce to be a little thin and not quite as punchy as regular sweet and sour sauces. But for the most part, everything there was quite enjoyable, and the prices are comparable to other Chinese dining establishments in the area. The dining area is quite expansive and service is friendly.

If you'd like to grab lunch, dinner, eat-in, or take out, call 856-488-3555 or visit Lin's website for more info.

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