Monday, November 24, 2008

Blue 2 O Seafood Grill + Bar, Cherry Hill

In the dense ocean of what I call "Restaurant Mile" near the old Garden State Race Track (Towne Place at Garden State Shopping Center in Cherry Hill) is a new seafood oasis known as Blue 2 O Seafood Grill and Bar (I'm not sure if it's Blue2O, one word, or with the 2 and O separate, but this is my best guess, and please note that it's an "O" as in oxygen, as opposed to a 0 as in "zero"... I digress). With at least 10 other resturants jammed into a a bustling shopping and dining oasis, Blue 2 O faces a lot of competition, but proved to me that it's in a league of its own compared to most of the others in the area.

At a recent visit to Blue 2 O (located at 1906 Route 70 West), I was pleasantly delighted by the colorful, inviting dining area, with very private booths, elegant decor, and friendly wait staff. This restaurant should do well, having been open only about a month or two, but a tough month or two at that what with the economy going down the drain lately. Right now they are trying very hard to please the customers and ensure that they come back, and not take anything for granted. It will be interesting to see how that goes over time. But as of right now, this restaurant could easily pass for a Center City hot spot in the middle of South Jersey.

At any rate, the menu, which is printed anew every day (or maybe it's every week) offers a variety of fresh catch fish dishes, in addition to other creative dishes featuring chicken, meat, or vegetarian options. The servings are generous, and everything, including the bread, appeared to be fresh and produced on premises, and the presentation is very creative (such as fish sliders, with three different types of fish on mini buns). Though my party had to pass on desserts, they all sounded quite delectable, and there is a fully-stocked bar on hand to serve you up some snazzy drinks. Dining during lunch time, the price of a meal was quite reasonable, with most dishes landing in the $9-15 zone or so.

I would recommend that diners in South Jersey check this place out before it becomes too overcrowded, like the Cheesecake Factory has become. It offers a pleasant contrast to the otherwise typical chain restaurants in the area.

If you'd like to book your reservation, call 856-662-0297. Their website at this point is still (sadly, from a marketing standpoint) under construction and only offers a sample menu along with a slow-to-load page, but it will give you an idea of what they have. Click here to visit Blue 2 O's website.

Go fish!

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