Friday, November 14, 2008

Big John's Cheese Steaks and More, Cherry Hill

Cheese steaks, burgers, hoagies, and pizza. That's the name of the game at Big John's Cheese Steaks and More. Big John's dishes out lunchtime fare without the flare. In other words, it's a good place to grab some quick mid-day grub or night time nosh.

Big John's can be found at 1800 Route 70, between Route 295 and Springdale Road in Cherry Hill. It's a very humble food joint that provides delivery and takeout along with plenty of seats to eat-in. To get there, go west on Route 70, and you'll see the big blue and yellow sign on the street. Going east, do a u-turn at Marlkress Rd. and it will be on your right when you turn around from Greentree Rd. And a convenient cut-through behind Big John's gets you back to Marlkress if you need to go eastbound on 70 when leaving.

But enough about driving. Big John's has a vast selection of meal offerings, so click here for their menu to get an idea of what to eat when you hit up this restaurant. They also have a "World Famous" Pickle Bar. I'm not sure how world famous it truly is, but they have an open bar of pickles and other toppings, to help make your burger or sandwich the best it can be. All in all it's a good steak place with food for the whole family.

To place your big order, get your big phone and dial Big John's at 856-424-1186.

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