Friday, September 26, 2008

Pat's Pizza, Cherry Hill

Pat's Pizzeria of Cherry Hill sits at the corner of Chapel Ave and Cooper Landing Rd in Cherry Hill. It's a large, modern restaurant that sits across from Kennedy Health System-- University Medical Center. Unbeknownst to me before I ate there, this is one of 54 shops in a chain across the Delaware Valley. I don't recall having ever eaten at one, so I'll consider this my first time there.

The pizzeria is a beautiful building, with ultra-modern decor, high ceilings and welcoming furniture and colors. Unfortunately, the food is merely average, and the service is a little hazy. First the food... if you judge a book by its cover, one would think this restaurant would have creative, crafty food based of the design of the restaurant. But when you get down to it, the food was reminiscent of a typical pizza joint with nothing particularly special (read: fries with everything and salty foods).

Another knock against this establishment is the confusing ordering process. Walking in, it feels like a place where you sit down and get served food because you see open tables and servers delivering food. But then you look towards the back and see a cash register with menus hovering above the cashiers. So you tip toe to the register and realize you order there and they bring the food to you when it's ready. Kind of like a British pub in that regard. The prices were moderate and food portions were good.

One last note, and take this for what it's worth, it's a popular teen hangout.

To get more info, go to the Pat's Pizza website or call in your order for pickup or delivery at 856-779-1111.

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