Monday, August 4, 2008

Marlton Animal Hospital and Evesham Veterinary Clinic, Marlton

My cat's been a little sick lately, and generally not acting like her normal self. After some consternation, my wife and I decided to take her to the vet to get checked out. While I won't go into detail about my cat's situation (it's nothing particularly bad, just figured I'd spare you the dull details!), I figured I'd drop my thoughts on the two different vets we took her to.

Having not taken her to the vet in a while (the last time being the time when we lived in Philly and took her to a vet there), it was a bit of a harrowing experience... cost-wise. We took her to two separate veterinarian practices: Marlton Animal Hospital and Evesham Veterinary Clinic. Both are big, well known veterinarian offices in South Jersey, and both are on or near route 73. Here are my thoughts on these establishments, in no particular order:

-Both smell like vet offices (read: urine soaked). But that's to be expected and a good thing I suppose since it means the place gets a lot of visitors.

-Both charge out the proverbial wazoo. I guess it's the nature of the beast because you're stuck in having to take your pet to get checked out, but at the same time, the costs involved are just so exorbitant in this frugal Freddie's frank opinion. For example, Marlton Animal Hospital and Evesham Veterinary Clinic each charged about $47 per office visit, each of which lasted all of 10-20 minutes. Then there's the charges for tests and other odds and ends that always cost more than you expect, kind of like going to a mechanic and finding that a small dent will cost a small fortune to repair. In the end we spent over $400 in trying to get her better. Effectiveness to be determined.

-The doctors that we saw at both facilities were very friendly, gentle with the cat and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I wasn't thrilled with the customer service at the reception desk of each establishment, though I can't say anybody did a poor job... I just didn't get a welcoming, warm and fuzzy feeling from anybody. Kind of like they see that I'm a new customer and they don't really feel like having to take all of our information. I could be way off on this, but the vibes just weren't there, to me.

-Evesham Veterinary Clinic had a good deal more room in the waiting area, which is kind of nice because otherwise you're getting into close quarters with all of the pets and sometimes the interactions between animals aren't always ideal. This could include dogs barking at each other, animals transmitting diseases, pets urinating on the floor, etc. In these cases, more room is a pleasure.

-Both have convenient hours, opening from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and hours on Saturdays as well. This is helpful since many people can't get there during the day, unlike doctors' offices (for humans) where you can never get an appointment and if you do, chances are it's during the work day which throws everything else off for you. Having evening hours are very customer friendly.

So right now my tiny cat is sleeping on a blanket... still her good ole' self. Fortunately it doesn't seem like much is wrong so we're happy about that. And my wallet is certainly happy to stay in my pocket as my cat gets better. Lesson learned... keep your pet healthy or else you'll be paying for it, in many ways...

To contact these pet care providers, here's their info:

Evesham Veterinary Clinic: (856) 983-9440

Marlton Animal Hospital: (856) 983-5350

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Anonymous said...

Evesham Vet Clinic is Great! Never had a problem. I took my cat to Marlton for a second opinion and it was the worst.
Not only did I wait 2 1/2 hours for the staff to pull blood from my cat as well as take 2 radiographs, but they charged me $155.25 for a chem, cbc & T4 when it only cost them $32.25. That's a 500% MARKUP!!! I totally understand they are a business and have to make money to pay their staff, but come on! The tech pulled the blood, spun it down, put it in a bag until the lab picked it up to perform the bloodwork. The doctor or tech didn't do a whole lot of work for them to charge such a ridiculous amount. I spoke to the owner, Dr. Lukianovich. He was rude, telling me I was dictating what he should charge his clients. But I wasn't, I was simply commenting that I planned to bring my other animals there, but now won't even consider it because for one, the way he called me was so incredibly rude, wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise and hung up on me and two he wouldn't even listen to the point I was trying to make. He had his mind made up on how the conversation would go even before he dialed my number. I spoke to Dr. Lukianovich the night before when he gave me the blood results and he was a total different person. In fact, I thought I spoke to someone else because he was so mean the second time I spoke to him. He confirmed it was him. Its almost like they will do/say what you want to hear when they are trying to get your money, but when you have a qualm they bite your head off. Needless to say, I will NOT be going back to Marlton Animal Hosptial. I don't mind paying top dollar for excellent vet care, but when you are ripping people off right in front of their face, that is a whole different story. I have to say though, Dr. Honey Rothberg is the only reason why I went to Marlton Animal Hospital in the first place. She was referred to my by a dear friend and is an excellent vet. Its so sad that she sold her practice to such a money, hungry person who rips the clients off. So sad!!! I'll be surely getting this story around to the animal world.