Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joe Canal's Discount Liquor Outlet, Marlton

One of many Joe Canal's Discount Liquor Outlets sits on the chaotic causeway that we call Route 73 in Marlton.

This liquor "superstore" outlet offers pretty much any adult beverage one could imagine, and the prices won't burn your wallet. In fact, I'd have to say that their liquor prices are rather cheap. This Canal's Discount Liquor Store is a popular South Jersey stopover for Philadelphians and others coming from across the Delaware River heading "down the Shore", since alcohol is generally more expensive and harder to purchase in Pennsylvania, and it's a convenient location on the way to Route 70 or the Atlantic City Expressway. If you're headed to a BYOB, it has a vast selection of wines. And if you're headed to a party, you can pick up a six-pack, case or half-keg of beer. Mix drinks, yep, they have them too.

Canal's is located on southbound Route 73 at 305 North Route 73. Coming from Philly, it's before you reach the Marlton Circle (where the Kohl's and ShopRite shopping center is) and is right next to Burns Honda and Bertucci's.

To inquire about your favorite libation, call (856) 983 - 2222.

And please don't drink and drive...

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