Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jo Jo's Ristorante, Ventnor

Well it's that time of year when South Jerseyites head "down-a Shore" (if they don't live there already), and flood the local eateries at all times of the day. Guilty as charged. My next few posts will focus on some of the eateries that I've slipped in to.

First up is Jo Jo's Ristorante in Ventnor at 6501 Ventnor Ave at the intersection of Newport Ave and Ventnor Ave. According to the website, this establishment has been in operation since 1970, and has expanded to other locations in Northfield and Pleasantville.

Now, having gone there for the first time, I realized (afterwards) that it's essentially two different restaurants in one. On one side you have more traditional Italian fare with many combinations of entrees. On the other side is more of a takeout/casual set up with cheesesteaks, burgers, and a less extensive cuisine menu, with booths. Ultimately, I think you can get the same food on either side of the joint, but I don't know for sure-- I'd be glad to get updates from anybody who can verify.

Jo Jo's is a good family place to try out since it has something for everybody and prices are affordable. They also offer outdoor seating, which is a nice bonus for a warm summer evening. I reckon that plenty of folks take out a pizza for the beach as well, since it's only a couple of blocks away from the sand and Boardwalk.

If you'd like to call them to verify any of this info, dial (609) 822-6475.

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