Monday, June 9, 2008

De Cou Park, Cherry Hill

I never really knew the official name of this park until I just looked on the Cherry Hill Township website. De Cou park is located on the corner of Evesham and Cropwell Roads, right on the border of Voorhees, and directly across the street from Virtua Hospital (West Jersey). Actually this is kind of convenient since if you get banged up playing basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby, football or whatever else, you're close by to get fixed up and back on the field. Well, depending on how long you have to wait in the emergency room, but that's a whole different story.

This park, often called "West Jersey" because of its proximity to the hospital, has a steady stream of guests participating in a wide gamut of sports and games. Here are some of the activities that you'll see on these grounds:

-baseball (a beautiful Little League field)
-soccer (including one new synthetic turf field, which will presumably handle multiple sports)
-basketball (three asphalt courts, no lights however)
-hockey (street hockey or roller hockey)

It is a busy park year round, with activities varying depending on the season. There are often pickup basketball games, soccer tournaments, rugby matches and practices, and so forth, so you never really know what will be going on until you get there. But there's enough space that there must be at least SOMEthing available if you just want to go and throw a ball around or something.

It's a great park that serves South Jersey well, and is well-maintained so you won't have to worry about slogging through two foot grass... in fact the opposite is often true that it's so popular the field may be a little beat up.

Play ball!

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