Monday, June 16, 2008

Bernie Robbins Jewelers, Marlton

Along the corridor of upscale stores lining Route 73 in Marlton sits the vast Promenade at Sagemore shopping center at 500 Route 73 South. There are a myriad of stores in this outdoor complex, most of them leaning towards the luxury end of the shopping spectrum. One of the stores in there is popular jeweler Bernie Robbins.

This store, which is one of six in the Delaware Valley chain, has a massive selection of sparkly luxury goods and certainly gives the air of royalty inside. For starters, the door is locked and a security guard has to let you in. Inside, you will find various glass cases of different jewelry items, ranging from men's watches to wedding rings, to women's necklaces. It's likely that the salesperson will ask if you'd like a beverage while you're shopping. And if you have children along in tow, send them off to the play area while you decide if you really can afford that two months' salary for a piece of jewelry! I'm no jewelry expert, but I'm guessing that the stuff they sell there ain't cheap, in my inexperienced opinion. But hey, it's your money! :-)

If you'd like to give Bernie Robbins a *ahem!* ring, call 856.985.4500. Their website can be found at

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