Monday, May 12, 2008

Sarcone's Cherry Hill: OUT

I recently found out that Sarcone's on Route 70 in Cherry Hill has officially shut its doors, going out of business with little warning or fanfare apparently. This shortlived offshoot of the old South Philly favorite up and left despite a short but consistent history of producing quality hoagies, and having a steady flow of customers on a regular basis. Perhaps food costs got to them, or perhaps the economy drove them out, or perhaps they just weren't busy enough to cut it... I know not.

I do know that it is a loss for the area as they did put together some nice sandwiches. They certainly outmatched Subway or Quizno's if you ask me, plus having a local success story is usually preferable than an overgrown nationwide chain with tedious spokespeople.

But we'll move on and find our lunchtime meals elsewhere. Thanks for the memories Sarcone's and good luck with all your future endeavors...

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