Friday, May 30, 2008

Salon Spice, Cherry Hill

Looking for a haircut, wax, manicure or other pampering service? There are plenty of options in the Cherry Hill area, no doubt. One solid option is Spice Salon at 1998 Marlton Pike E (Route 70), adjacent to Village Walk shopping center, heading westbound on 70, near Old Orchard Road and Jaguar dealer.

Though I'm admittedly no expert, I'd say this hair salon fits somewhere in between an upscale salon and a barbershop, leaning more towards the former rather than the latter. While the decor is somewhat swanky, the prices are not quite wallet-busting, and men, women, and kids can be seen in attendance. Many regulars are loyal to Salon Spice and there is a steady flow of traffic looking to get groomed on any given day, ranging from prom haircuts and hairdos to wedding makeovers to women getting new coats of nail polish. The bustling clientele gives the feeling that they must be doing something right.

Probably the trickiest part of Salon Spice is exiting the shopping center since making a left onto Route 70 East means crossing two busy lanes of traffic, halting in the island, then waiting for a friendly driver to let you in to oncoming traffic, since that stretch of highway is notoriously busy. But hey, that's driving in South Jersey for ya.

To set an appointment, touch the following numbers on your telephone keypad: (856) 751-0017.

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