Monday, May 5, 2008

Luigi's Pizza Fresca, Marlton

Stopped by Luigi's Pizza Fresca in the small strip center at the Cropwell Rd. and Old Marlton Pike intersection yesterday for a quick bite to eat. Got some good food for takeout, at a fairly reasonable price (not too cheap, but not by any means expensive), but I must say it took way too long for what I ordered. Considering it was during the lunch/dinner lull around 2:30 when I got there, I figured my food would be ready pretty quickly. But considering I just ordered a chicken steak hoagie, I was a little disappointed with the time delay. Ultimately, however, the food hit the spot and it was all cooked fresh, not soggy like some other pizza places.

One thing I also like about this Italian eatery is that the take home food was packaged in cardboard. Not foam, not plastic. That's some good stuff right there. I get annoyed when a restaurant simply minds its profits and goes right for the cheap stuff, rather than showing some sympathy to the environment and getting biodegradeable, and potentially recycled materials, like Pizza Fresca did. I'm not sure if that was their intention or not, but it works in my book!

It's a shame that Pizza Fresca resides in a dingy strip mall where even the mighty Wawa once held fast but up and left in place of an uninspiringly-named convenience store (I think it's called Fresh Express, but my memory is failing me now) that sells lesser quality foods at higher prices. On the bright side, it's well situated near Commerce Bank, Barnes & Noble, and the Route 70 corridor so there's good street traffic.

Pizza Fresca is also a little different because it's very informal with two televisions positioned in the seating area, there are no formal servers, they just bring the food out to you after you order, and you can always spot parents with their kids dining out there. Pretty good neighborhood restaurant, all things considered.

856-810-8888 is the number to call to reach this busy establishment.

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