Friday, April 18, 2008

Villa Barone, Collingswood

Along a stretch of bucolic Collingswood's Haddon Avenue sits a deceivingly large restaurant known as Villa Barone. On 735 Haddon (at the corner of Haddon Ave and Washington Ave), Villa Barone restaurant serves healthy portions of Italian food in a restaurant that reaches three store fronts across. In nice weather they offer outdoor seating, helping to expand their reach outside.

The food is above average, with really tasty fresh bread delivered to your table with seasoned olive oil. The decor and ambience are comfortable and give the feel of an authentic villa ristorante, if that's the right way of putting it.

With Collingswood being one of the most walkable places in South Jersey, this is a great starting point as it sends near the end of the Eastern part of busy Haddon Ave, allowing you to walk all the way down and back for a nice loop of the town.

Be prepared to take food home as the portions are generous. And feel free to bring a bottle of wine as it's BYOB. Takeout is available.

Ring their bell at 609-259-0000 and check their website at

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