Sunday, April 13, 2008

Macy's Furniture Outlet, Maple Shade

Ok, let me start by saying that Macy's website's "store locator" map is WAY off on the location of this store. I checked the web site to get directions and it sent me to Cherry Hill by Cuthbert Blvd. where the Wal-Mart shopping center is located. After a much-maligned, circuitous detour, I found the store a good 5-10 minutes back towards Route 73 at 493 West Route 38 (Kaign Blvd) in Maple Shade. It didn't help that I called information for directions, got a recording, then tried to connect to a customer service rep and the call promptly ended on me. Not a good start to the trip.

Anyway, the store itself features a wide range of contemporary furniture, with lots of plush leathers and suedes. And lots of "sale" signs. (I say "sales" as kind of a joke because every furniture store I've ever been to touts sales or specials or discounts. It really gives a bad connotation in my mind, sounding like you can always get a better price somewhere else or at some other time. But I digress.)

All in all, it's like any modern furniture store with seemingly endless layouts of furniture concepts and combinations. We went there for a recliner chair and found a fiar selection, tucked all the way in the back. In general, the prices seemed to be comparable with most other furniture stores I've been to in the South Jersey area.

At any rate, after talking to the saleswoman about a chair we liked, she told us about another upcoming sale at the end of the month so if we liked the chair that would be the best time to buy it.

Umm, okay.

If you want to see the mess of a store locator for yourself, click here. You can call them at 856/667-6495, though no guarantees that you'll get to talk someone...


Barbara said...

We ordered a runner and a rug from "The Fine Rug Gallery at Macy's" in Maple Shade. Ordered on September 1st, paid in full, promised delivery within 7-10 days. The runner came without issue. Today is October 13th - still no rug! Nobody contacted us about the rug. I waited 2 weeks, called the number I was given on the business card, it rang and rang until I gave up. Finally got through to someone who couldn't find our file. Then when they finally found it, was told it won't be in until mid October. I called on October 10th for another follow up. Was told it might be here by the end of October. When I asked if they would call when it's in, they said "Well UPS will call to arrange delivery". Not loving the Macy's experience. Would not purchase from them again. The saga continues!

Mike said...

Sorry to hear that Barbara. It never ceases to amaze me how bad customer service can be, and how people can be so UN-helpful when making a sale. Hopefully your issue gets resolved soon, if not you might want to take your complaint to a regional Macy's office or something and start putting pressure on the store to get their act together. Just what you feel like doing though, I'm sure! ;-) Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Rebecca said...

honestly, you gotta push with these people. be very clear, firm, and charm doesn't hurt