Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shop Rite, Marlton (at the Marlton Circle)

Talk about a busy place.

It's virtually impossible to go to Shop Rite in Marlton (on the Northwest corner of the circle at Routes 70 and 73) when it's not a mob scene teeming with shoppers.

In this shopping center, which also features Kohl's, Boston Market, Friendly's, and a section of stores that is being demolished for an apparent new wing, Shop Rite generates a steady flow of traffic to its long-standing store.

The store itself would probably rank a 6 or 7 out of a 10 by today's supermarket standards. It's not elegant like Wegman's further down Route 70, nor is it expensive like Whole Foods is further up Route 73. But it is very functional and the prices seem generally modest.

The produce section is usually well-stocked, and the store has developed several niche product aisles for discerning tastes, such as a sizable organic section, a decent ethnic section, and it's got all the other stuff that supermarkets try to sell at markups compared to other stores, like pharmacy products and pet products.

Generally, even though the store can be a bit cramped in spots when it's busy, there is ample coverage at the check out lines so you usually don't have to wait too long. And the bakery offers a solid variety of good foods like cookies, breads, cakes, and pies. There's even a small Starbucks store for those looking to get their fix of caffeine.

All in all, if you can get through the messy parking, this Shop Rite is a pretty good place to go food shopping. It's easy to get to, has a great selection of foods, and is a longlasting local mainstay in a challenging area with many supermarket alternatives.

If it's been that busy for so many years, they must be doing something right. Or "rite".

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