Monday, February 4, 2008

Route 41 Car Wash, Cherry Hill

Just 'round the bend from the Ellisburg Circle (is it still actually called Ellisburg Circle even if there's no actual "circle" any more? I digress) you can find Route 41 Car Wash pumping out a steady stream of clean cars. At 1507 North Kings Highway, Route 41 Car Wash sits in a comfortable location for people traveling north from Route 70 or south from Route 73 or Route 38. It sits across Ellisburg Shopping Center.

Route 41 Car Wash functions as a long "tunnel" car wash whereby you hand over the keys to your car, an attendant pulls it onto the track and it's off to go through a series of car washing components. You can watch your car from adjacent windows as it creeps through the tunnel, or you can mill around the mini-retail store that awaits you before the exit of the indoor waiting area. Here you'll find knick-knacks and car accessories that are probably a little overpriced, but hey, you pay for the convenience.

According to the company's website, Route 41 Car Wash features a vast menu of choices from a basic exterior wash to an interior/exterior cleaning to various levels of detailing, as well as oil changes. The site also offers printable coupons, and you're certain to find coupons in print if you open any of your mailers or local news publications.

The service there overall is quite quick and rather meticulous, as seemingly dozens of workers man the assembly line on busy days, running the gamut from vaccuming the insides at drop-off to towel drying on your way out. Like any car wash, tipping is encouraged, though a discreet box allows you the opportunity to avoid those awkward tipping moments that often arise of handing money out in person. Good call on that one.

So there's the dirt on Route 41 Car Wash. To get the dirt off your car, it's probably open on virtually any sunny day or try calling 856-428-2455 to make sure.

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Jen A. Miller said...

It's funny how we still call them circles even though the circle's don't exist. I still call it the Ellisburg Circle, just like my parents still refer to the Airport Circle and the 130 Circle. The Marlton Circle might be meeting its demise soon, too.

Circles are scary -- I just drove through one in Somers Point on the way to Ocean City. Yikes.

I like your blog! I blog about the South Jersey shore -- you should check it out at!