Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tunes, Marlton and Voorhees

Once upon a time there was a funky little music retailer in Greentree Square in Marlton. It was a fun place that always played unique music on its crisp speakers, enticing you to want to buy something new and different rather than the same old pop albums that fade into oblivion like N*Sync or Color Me Badd. It was a place that bought and sold used CDs as well as new CDs, and could order virtually any music CD you could imagine if you so desired (and paid for it, obviously). It was a music lover's dream, all with pretty competitive prices.

Well, it turns out, this funky little music retailer is still there. And the store has actually spawned several new stores. All this in spite of the newfound affection for digital downloads, big box sotres, and internet ordering that has supposedly killed the small "mom and pop shops" of yesteryear.

Tunes Compact Discs is a great South Jersey resource for all things music. You enter the store, (either the one at 884 Greentree Square in Marlton on Route 73 or 910 Berlin Road in the Ritz Plaza in Voorhees or 5501 Route 42 in Turnersville OR 225 Washington St. in Hoboken, for you North Jersey music aficionados out there)... anyway, you enter the store, and you're immediately hit with music the way it was meant to be heard... in a comfortable, creative setting, surrounded by other music junkies.

In the store you'll find stashes of CD's, used discs mixed with new ones, and also a big chunk of used CD's that are on clearance for like $3 or so. Over the years the stores have expanded to selling DVD's (and VHS tapes), movie posters, music magazines, and other odds and ends.

All in all if you want to get back to your roots and be able to see, touch, and preview a real CD, you'll want to swing by Tunes and do it the old fashioned way, rather than downloading digitized versions of songs or going to Best Buy and just buying a CD from the Top 10 list. It's time to get a little funky, time to try something new... yet old.

For more information, check out the Tunes page on MySpace...

Happy listenin'!

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