Monday, January 21, 2008

Gas Stations on the North Route 73 Corridor: My Opinion

This is part review, part gripe.

Along the the northern range of Route 73 stretches a string of close to a dozen gas stations that hit people up just on the way to or from the Tacony-Palmyra and Betsy Ross Bridges. These gas stations that I speak of sit mostly in the Maple Shade, Pennsauken, and Palmyra range.

Now, the upside of these gas stations is the fact that they have been traditionally very cheap, especially when compared to the gas stations further south in the Mt. Laurel and Cherry Hill area. So they definitely make for the perfect way to get gas before going into or coming out of Pennsylvania, where gas prices are generally about 20 cents higher per gallon.

Conversely, a distressing trend has sprung up of late that is quite obnoxious. Many of these gas stations charge about 10 cents more if you pay in credit cards rather than in cold hard cash. What kind of tripe is that? To make matters worse, they post the cheaper prices on the large signs along the road and then have smaller signs at the pump when you've already pulled in, depicting the difference in prices. That's pretty shameful if you ask me.

I think this is a real slimey way of jacking the price up. Is it legal? I suppose. Perhaps this process sneaks in through a loophole of some sort. But are you really winning any customers over by doing this? Absolutely not. It is most definitely terrible marketing, and any terrible marketing in the gasoline industry is just another reason to dislike the already maligned gasoline industry. I would think that a gas station would want to make it as accomodating as possible to buy from them, rather than digging in the knife a little bit more as you watch the price fly throught the dimly lit overhangs.

Meanwhile, one station that is thankfully NOT taking on this price surcharging process is the one and only Wawa gas station on southbound Route 73, right before the turnoff at Route 130, and just past Pennsauken High School. To me it is extremely commendable that Wawa has not stooped to this lowball practice and I would recommend that everybody buy gasoline there as opposed to the other stations to show Wawa that you prefer this method, rather than the others that slip in a surcharge for paying in credit card. Thank you Wawa, as always, for being customer friendly.

Just my humble opinion there. Safe driving, all.

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