Friday, January 18, 2008

Fuddruckers, Voorhees

Ahh, the old standby. Fuddruckers is virtually a Voorhees institution for dishing out hot, juicy hamburgers with buttery buns. At 1170 White Horse Road, Fuddruckers ironically sits directly in front of Bally's Gym. Go figure that one.

This restaurant is a unique establishment in that it's fast food that takes some time to prepare. (Huh?) In other words, you walk in and order from a giant board with a few combos. You then go find a seat and wait for your name called to pick it up at the counter in just a few minutes when your order is ready. So no need to leave a tip (unless you want to, but that's up to you) and no need to wait for your server to find you. You can even stack on as many toppings as your hungry little heart desires. Nice deal if you ask me!

The food there is always consistent and hits the spot. The price is pretty good though about double what you'd pay at a fast food joint... a combo with a burger, fries, a beer, and a cookie runs about 9 bucks. And I saw a sign in there that says "longneck domestic beer $1". I should have looked further into it because if that's true, then, well, that's cheaper than Thursday night specials at any college bar, I'll tell you what! But I'll leave that up to you to find out. Oh and the cookies are muy bien.

While I was waiting in line to place my order, somebody called in for takeout, so I guess you can do that by ringing 856-346-2520. But then you lose the thrill of being able to leave a silly name and getting to hear it called out on the P.A. when your burger's done. To each his own I guess...

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At Home in New Jersey Moorestown said...

I would highly recommend Fuddruckers. They are my absolute favorite for hamburgers. You can get a meal with a beer for a reasonable price.