Saturday, December 22, 2007

Devone's Family Tavern, Williamstown

Sitting at 1920 S. Blackhorse Pike in Williamstown, you will find a bulky, wooden, A-frame restaurant that is a local favorite for home-cooked style meals. A family-run restaurant, Devone's Family Tavern serves generous portions and has an ample bar to please even the heartiest of eaters.

As a small sign inside the back party room claims, in so many words: all food is cooked fresh, so please be patient with your order. The menu includes a variety of meal choices, from ribs to steak to crab cakes to fried oysters to chicken parm, and beyond. The soup du jour is often an eclectic concoction of ingredients, so be sure to listen in when the server fills you in on what's in store for that day. The cheesecake is dangerously large and rich in taste. All in all, you won't leave here empty-handed, so clear some room in your fridge for leftovers. The prices are not exactly cheap, but you won't go broke either.

An added bonus to this lodge-like restaurant are the small and big screen TVs that are scattered throughout the establishment, both in the dining area and the sprawling bar. There is even a patio off the backroom for smoking or just hanging out on a nice night. Local bands can be seen on certain nights and karaoke takes place on Friday nights so call ahead to find out if and when the show starts.

All in all, the place is worth a shot if you're looking for something a bit "out of the way", or perhaps on your way to or from the Shore along the Blackhorse Pike (Rte. 322).

For a bit more info including a few reviews, click here. Give them a call at (856) 629-0440.


Anonymous said...

Devone's now has karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30 to 1:30 am.

ruckstande said...

Best food ever. Can't say enough words. I'm on a commenting frenzy since I saw the idiot's negative review here.

If you don't mind waiting a while for your food this is the place to go. The crab and shrimp manicotte is the best thing I've ever tasted.