Monday, November 5, 2007

U.S. Gas, Berlin

Ok, so perhaps talking gas isn't exactly stimulating conversation, but I thought I'd do a service and recommend U.S. Gas in Berlin as a good place to go if you're looking for cheap gas and fast service, particularly if you're on your way down to the Jersey Shore.

U.S. Gas is located just north of the former Berlin Circle on Route 73. When you hit the light at the Home Depot/Shop Rite shopping center going south, get in your right lane and U.S. Gas will appear a block or so down.

I've always found their gas to be competitively priced and inexpensive compared to the Lukoils, Sunocos, and other stations that dot Rte. 73 south. Coming back north on 73, also in Berlin, the Super Wawa gas station has virtually identical prices as the U.S. Gas offers and serves as a great stopping point on your way back from the Shore.

The service there is usually quite quick and rarely ever busy, so you probably won't have to wait. Regarding "stimulating conversation" as I discussed earlier, don't look for it at this gas station, however you probably don't expect to get real chatty with gas station attendant anyway. It's just a fact of life I guess.

Anyway, this site reports on gas prices and has U.S. Gas listed as tied for first for Berlin stations, currently. That could change wildly between now and the time you read this, but I definitely find their prices to be towards the inexpensive side.

Hope this helps. Feel free to keep me posted if you find somewhere cheaper to get gasoline!


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