Friday, November 2, 2007

The Pop Shop, Collingswood

The Pop Shop is a fun, quirky diner at 729 Haddon Avenue in Collingswood. If you're looking for homey comfort food in a loose and kid-friendly atmosphere, hop on in to the Pop Shop. This 50's style soda fountain joint has a broad menu of tasty meals, soda fountain drinks, and desserts. From grilled cheese to real cherry Coke, you'll find it here.

This local landmark tends to get busy and noisy around early dinner time, particularly with families who bring their children for a fun, affordable meal, but you can usually get a table pretty quickly once the rush ends. The most difficult part about eating there is trying to pick something off of the diverse menu... but from what I've found you really can't go wrong. Everything's fresh and nothing's mysterious. Good place to get a "safe" meal.

After you eat all your veggies and gulp down your ice cream milk shake for dessert, take a stroll around Collingswood and enjoy the Main Street feel of Haddon Ave. It's a good night out and a good way to enjoy one of the more unique areas in all of South Jersey.

Just a warning: once you go there, you'll want to go back... frequently!

Give the Pop Shop a buzz at 856-869-0111

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