Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Palace Hotel, Cape May

As "Shoobies" head back and forth to various Jersey Shore towns during the summer, many will be searching for a cozy hotel to crash the night in. The closer to the beach, the better.

Well, in terms of being close to the beach way down at the tip of South Jersey in Cape May, the Palace Hotel doesn't get much closer. Exit the building, cross the street, hop the dunes and you're on the soft tan sand. Located at 1101 Beach Avenue in Cape May, and bordered by Philadelphia Ave. and New Jersey Ave. it sits at a great location as it's close to the rest of town as well.

In terms of crashing at a hotel, Palace Hotel should suffice. Though I wouldn't quite say the place is a "palace", it's a decent place to stay.

The pros:
-Rooms have an efficiency kitchen in them for snack storage or quick microwaved meals
-Each room has a porch, some which overlook the beach, some which over look the town
-Bed was comfy
-Large bathrooms
-Convenient parking below the building

The cons:
-Thin walls allow you to hear every door slam or loud voice in the neighboring rooms
-Shower is very narrow and uncomfortable, a disappointment considering the bathrom is quite big
-TV was quite tiny
-Doors use a simple deadlock and didn't give the impression of being overly safe
-Room rates chart is quite intimidating! (Click here to try and read it.)

So if you want an adaquate place to stay in quaint Cape May, the Palace is a good place to go. If you want to be treated like royalty, well, try Buckingham Palace.

Give 'em a call at 888-784-8372.

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